Utterly Bespoke

As craftsmen we are often asked to make something Utterly Bespoke; from cabinetry in a private jet, a yacht, the Tower of London, Aston Martin HQ and even on the island of Mustique.

We were delighted to see our work in such a stunning location which is set in a luxury villa perched on a hilltop 300 feet above the sparking Caribbean sea.

The brief was to create a functional kitchen using an eclectic mix of timbers and styles which would also suit the climate of the country.

We used book matching veneering where every other leaf of veneer is turned over, like the pages of a book. Thus the grain is mirrored in each adjacent leaf. The visual effect created is that veneer joints match, creating a symmetrical pattern. All the components were water resistant due to the humidity and all metal components had to be stainless steel, It was a real challenge!.

A striking mix of cabinetry in an equally stunning setting!

Our Shogun Kitchen

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